Pleasure-Oriented Sex Positions You Must Try with Pune Escorts

When it comes to sex or other erotic activities, it is essential for a person to prefer getting engaged in pleasure-oriented activities for a better experience. If you have previously been with an escort or any other girl (for that matter), you might already understand the importance of such an activity. In case not, today you will learn. In this blog, I am going to talk about some of the top-rated sex positions that are good to try if you are a pleasure-oriented man. All of these positions can be tried with any of Beautiful Pune escorts. Moreover, they will suggest a few of the new ones that are even more interesting to engage in.

Before we head to the list, there is one more thing to keep in mind before getting indulged with an escort. You need to be picky while choosing a service for you. Since you will find multiple services listed on the website, it is highly possible for you to get confused about getting your hands on the right one. So, first of all, you need to determine why you are hiring escorts in Pune and then accordingly choose a service that can satisfy your physical needs.


Pune Escorts

Here are top-rated sex positions you should try with Pune independent escorts

  1. Spooning: The list is topped by spooning -one of the most engaging and romantic positions you will ever try. It is prevalent among youngsters and Pune independent escorts due to the romance that it engages you in. Plus, it can be done anywhere; preferably a couch. To perform it, you two need to lie down on the same side (either right or left). Then the male partner will penetrate from behind. Since it leaves your hands empty, you can use them to stimulate your partner.

  2. Straight sex: It comes in at #2 on our list. The soothing sex position can be done anywhere. To perform it, the female partner will sit in your lap while keeping her legs wrapped around your waist. This way, you two will face each other. Since she will be in your lap, you can help support her while strokes. Also, you can add some kisses on the menu. It is also considered a romantic position and is preferred by independent Pune Model escorts. I am sure you will like it.

  3. Cross legs: This particular sex position is performed while in a standing position (for male). The female partner, on the other hand, need to lie down on a surface with at least 3 feet height; preferably a bed or a table. To perform this, the male partner needs to lift her legs in the air and let them rest on his shoulders. Since the male partner's hands are free, much like spooning, he can use them to stimulate her. So, while choosing High-Class Pune escorts services, ask whether she is ready for such positions.